Golf Courses Are Sexist
By Kickntrue on 10/28/08
Some high school golf teams pay the courses for use at a discounted rate. Some are let on for free. What doesn't make sense is when the boys play free but the girls pay...? That is what was happening at a course in Santa Clara Clarita, California until some coaches raised a fit about it- and I personally don't blame them.

While I will agree- once you are on collegiate level it sometimes makes sense to give the men favorable treatment. Football for instance can often fund an entire athletic department [Though this is also one of the biggest myths about college football. In many cases the money spent on the football program often costs the school more than every other sport combined] but we're talking about high school here. Why would the boys teams deserve favorable treatment over the girls? This isn't even about Title IX, this is about pure sexism. A course could make a good argument that it costs them money to let people on the course- and I'm totally fine with that but then why not do it across the board? It's not like they're charging admission to the golf events and make more of the boys.

Anyway- this is all just a rant- because the course is claiming it was miscommunication and a big mistake (code for "called out on their sexism"). Some people's kids...

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kidputter says:
I disagree with the SEXISM claim. It appears as if the coach talked to and made a contract with the wrong official at the course. If he was 'in the know', he would have discussed it with the boys' coach and they would have made a joint agreement with the course. That would have resolved the mistake. Claiming sexism is a copout by the coach for not making an educated negotiation. It's business, not sexism. I get better rates by using avenues like GOLFNOW and playing at off-peak times and days. I do my homework. They're in high school. They are all too familiar with homework. I pay a discount rate for my 8 yr old to play because she may only play 9 holes. I negotiate this at the time of the booking. Blame the coach, not the course.
Ward says:
santa clarita, not santa clara... don't bring my town down for so-cal's mistakes :-)
Kickntrue says:
Your town (Santa Clara) is free of blame. Enjoy Steve Nash.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Too bad you have to read 5 or 6 paragraphs to get to what happened. Typical.
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