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Timberlake And Callaway Reach A Deal
By Kickntrue on 10/29/08
Justin Timberlake really does live a charmed life. He reached a deal with Callaway yesterday to endorse their products.
Timberlake will play a full complement of Callaway Golf clubs, golf balls and will carry a bag branded with the Company's logo.
It is sad that there are PGA Tour players who do not have full equipment deals and a pop singer does. It's all about money though- and Timberlake can probably influence as many people for Callaway as a mid-level PGA Tour golfer.


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NWGolfgeek says:
For Callaway this absolutely makes sense. Can the average person even name a player from the middle of the PGA pack? Timberlake is a highly visible, clean cut, polite and profession individual and Callaway will score big on this.
georgelohr says:
Maybe JT will send me his old Taylor Made clubs. JT if you're reading this, drop me a line.
ktnakano says:
He can afford his damned own clubs! Give me a full set of callaways! - Yeah I am a hater :|
kidputter says:
If they didn't GIVE AWAY so much stuff, they could lower the prices across the board. THAT would increase sales, therefore, increase total revenue.
goosel7 says:
Notice that callaway stock was up 5.2 % today
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