Brett Benson
Cross Jackson State Off College List
By Kickntrue on 10/29/08
Jackson State University's top golfer Brett Benson was struck by a stray bullet on the way to class yesterday. The bullet was fired from off-campus but it still doesn't inspire much confidence in me wanting to send any family to the school. Benson drove himself to the student medical center before they took him to the hospital.

A couple things stand out-
1) They took him to the hospital- so this wasn't just a graze job. He got hit by a bullet.
2) This came from a neighborhood not a gun range or hunting expedition. Why is there gun crime happening that close to the Jackson State campus and why isn't THAT the story?

Anyway- hope Brett is okay. It appears that this was 100% a wrong place/wrong time thing and Brett is a stand up guy. Sucks for him though.

Brett Benson

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