But how does she SMELL?!
You Can Smell Like Annika
By Kickntrue on 10/29/08
I've never wanted to smell like a golfer before- but if you want to you now can- ANNIKA.
SA Fragrances announced today their plan to develop a signature fragrance inspired by legendary golfer Annika Sorenstam. Set to be released in advance of MotherGÇÖs Day 2009, the fragrance will evoke the essence of Annika, a distinctive, casually elegant and naturally beautiful woman.
I guess if you have to smell like any golfer it's good that it's a female- and a retired one at that. I'd be fine with my wife trying ANNIKA but I feel like if I really liked it- it could be weird. I mean- what if she gets me all hot and bothered and I start telling her to keep her hands on their swing plane between kisses? That could be awkward... or really good. ;)


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falcon50driver says:
That's obviously not a picture of Natalie
klangdon says:
espn writer came up with some other good golf fragrances:
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