Oh John Daly...
By Kickntrue on 10/30/08
I've always been a John Daly fan but after his most recent drunk incident I think I'm about done with him. In true John Daly form- he was arrested after spending the night in a drunken stupor in the parking lot of a Hooters in North Carolina this past weekend. He was detained for 24 hours in the drunk tank and released.

The photo says it all.


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TimmyBede says:
At least he still has his shirt on.
badgolfergreg says:
Poor John. Someone with such God given talent...such a waste. He's just a sad case.
twood says:
blue_crush says:
hes is no better or no worse than any other person on here...
he has flaws and failures like any of us and he has had good times and generosity and showed us he can be great too. the only thing that sets him apart from any of us is that his mistakes make the news. while I feel bad for him and wish him only better it makes me know that I want to be a better person than that, forgiveness is mankind's greatest jester next to love and john seems to be lacking both.
badgolfergreg says:
You're right Blue_Crush. He's no better or worse than anyone here. We all make mistakes and bad choices sometimes. It's just that as golfers, I think we have a tendency to admire the talents of the pros...and dream. We allow ourselves to be disappointed when we see those great talents wasted. Do we have that right? Probably not but that is human nature.
As far as the media, yes, the media is gonna make hay with any celebrity's "indescretions". Ultimately though, John is responsible. If he had been sloppy drunk in his own home we would have never known. Once he(or anyone else for that matter) is in public, by default, it becomes public. I hope for the best for him as do most I've heard comment on this latest problem.
kidputter says:
That mugshot looks like a defeated man. Just fat drunk and alone. Sad tale.
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