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John Daly Makes More Excuses
By Kickntrue on 11/3/08
John Daly says the night he spent in jail last week was just a big misunderstanding. Yes- he was drunk but there was no need for the police to be called. He had a driver who freaked out when he saw Big John sleeping with his eyes open- which is something Daly claims he does all of the time. If his driver would've known that he wouldn't have called the police freaked out and none of this would've become news.

Daly does not know why the photo was released or even why he was forced to put on the orange jumpsuit.

Fortunately for John- I have some of the answers he desires. The reason he was put in the jumpsuit is because of something called "procedure" and the reason the photo was released is because he is John Daly and it makes a good headline. As far as the rest of his story- it does sound believable but at this point with John that's not really the point. He did accept responsibility (kind of) for what happened and then followed it up with a whole lot of "buts."

A Big MisUnderstanding

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kidputter says:
The misunderstanding is on John's part. He doesn't understand that he has become a laughing stock in the sports world. Who cares why it happened or whether it was a misunderstanding at all. The fact is, it happened. The world saw the results of it happening. If he can't find competent handlers, it's his fault. Face it, John. You're a LOSER. You can become a winner again if you grow up a little and aim in the right direction. Concentrate more on your job than the after-party. The entire golf world will think more of you and you'll probably make a butt-load more money and fans.
TheBrownCrayon says:
I think Daly is about as big a loser as everyone else does, but I thought the same thing when I saw him in the jumpsuit. When they take you just overnight you normally keep your clothes.

Or at least that's what I hear they Texas.
kidputter says:
In Texas, the cops would have taken him home themselves......after another round inside the Hooters.
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