TaylorMade Online Sale (Over)
By Kickntrue on 11/4/08
You've Missed It!

I've received this tip now from 3 sources so I thought I'd post it. TaylorMade Golf is doing a 67% online sale with free shipping. It isn't every item but it is most items. If you've ever wanted a $299 driver for $99 bucks- today is your chance.

I'm not sure how long the sale is running- but it could be a one day thing. Act now- Christmas is coming.

TaylorMade Golf
Use Code: TM8845T

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smepple says:
awesome deal - picked myself up a new 3W for $115!
mbills1015 says:
no kidding! I picked up a 3 wood rescue for $66! Can't beat it...
Jattruia says:
The code just died. It was great while it lasted (picked up a 5W and a Rescue). Keep us posted if anything else comes up.

Thanks to whoever first found this!
Ben Crane says:
Prices are lower than Fleabay and you know you aren't getting fakes. Upgraded to a stiff 9.5 Tour Burner for $99.
hukashi says:
it's dead... I clicked to see if it was real and when I saw that it was, I went back to make a few more selections and the code didn't work. I'm soooooooo sad...I'm crying...
brycerudd says:
I went on it last night and bought a tour burner, a set of burner xd irons, and a r7 3 hybrid for 460 bucks.
jerdman says:
YES! I also landed a 9.5 stiff Tour Burner for $99. even though I was trying to save money, couldn't help myself.
TheBrownCrayon says:
NOOOOOO! The day I didn't check OOB like 6 times! I hate you Murphy (and your stupid law).
peachlarson says:
I was a kid in a candy store...picked up three drivers, a 5 wood, and a rescue for both myself, wife, and a friend. $580 worth of merchandise and a savings of over $1,1000!!!!! :)
jerdman says:
anyone else received their club and/or received any kind of shipping notification?
dff100 says:
No shipping notification yet. I checked my online order and no shipping information is posted yet for the account. With regular ground orders, Taylor Made notes it will ship the purchased items within 3 to 5 business days.
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