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By Kickntrue on 11/5/08
Science can get a man to the moon and clone a sheep- so it makes sense that science can also find the "prefect" golf swing. I expect after reading this article and watching the video clip that I'll be a scratch golfer by next summer.
The key, according to University of Surrey engineer Robin Sharp, is not to use full power from the start, but to build up to it quickly.

Surprisingly, the wrists do not play a critical role in the swing's outcome, according to the new model.

The analysis also shows that while bigger golfers might hit the ball further, it is not by much.

Any golfer will tell you that the idea of swinging harder to hit farther is not as straightforward as it might seem; the new results indicate that how - and when - the power develops is the key to distance.
Okay- realistically this article isn't going to get you on tour, but it is pretty interesting. I like when anything involves science over a teacher using his or her opinions of right and wrong. A lot of golf is feel- but it makes sense that there could be a "right" way if it could actually be duplicated perfectly.

BBC News- Perfect Golf Swing

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brycerudd says:
In the immortal words or Roy McAvoy "Perfection is unattainable".
Cool article though.
klangdon says:
id rather get hooked up to a machine like that than pay for a lesson from a pro. i wonder how expensive it would be to have those at pro shops.
kidputter says:
I've seen things like that at the S & M websites that always pop up on my computer..
falcon50driver says:
I hate it when that happens
Eric Duquene says:
Actually I take lessons at top golf ( and they use swing analysis software. They use high speed cameras to film from in front and down the fairway footage. They then can show you in slow motion your swing and where the faults and even compare it with several tour pro swings.
ellisanders says:
any idea what kind of camera and software they use. I am looking into a cam and want one that can also be used for golf swing analysis.
bjjohnson says:
klangdon: look up golftec. they do lessons hooked up to machines like that.
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