Druggie... NOT.
When Doping Rules Go Too Far
By Kickntrue on 11/5/08
Jeff Overton had an appendectomy 10 days before trying to play pro golf again. For the pain he took a pain-killer that is on the no-no list- Percocet.

He's applied for a special exemption that won't tarnish his doping record and this will probably work out just fine... probably.

The question I have is- why is something like Percocet even on the banned substances list? Have you ever taken a Percocet? It's numbs your whole body and makes your head float. It is certainly nothing you want to be on when playing competitive golf to keep your Tour Card. There is no competitive advantage to being loopy out of your mind in a sport like golf. I guess I'm fine with it being on a list to test for- to get a golfer help if he's abusing... but to potentially ban someone playing for thier livelihood.

Jeff Overton Is A Doper

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kidputter says:
Possible scenario:
He takes a Percocet and goes out on the course. He gets a bit too relaxed and hits an errant shot with 125mph club speed right into the gallery. No one killed. Next shot his 7-iron comes out of his too relaxed grip, hammering someone in the gallery. 72 yr. old former golf fan lies motionless in the rough. May seem farfetched but in today's society of sue-happy people and no one ever taking blame for anything it's a harsh reality. Insurance companies MUST think of worst case scenarios.
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