Target Practice
Pros Can Still Have Fun
By Kickntrue on 11/6/08
Jay Haas and Fred Funk, #1 and #2 on the Champions Tour money list were putting on a clinic to fans on the driving range the other day. So what did they do when the ball picker started working on the range? The same thing WE do at the range.
Toward the end of the clinic the range-cart was on the driving range picking up golf balls when both players decided it would be good to try and hit the picker, just like any golfer has done at their local range anywhere across the country.

Both players hit low shots that just missed the caged cart, it was like both Haas and Funk were back on the range in their formative years having a challenge at the end of a long practice day. Funk failed to hit the cart, but Haas finally scored a direct hit and celebrated by raising his arms in the air and doing a celebratory dance; score 1-up to Haas.
It's nice to see some pros having fun playing golf. Sometimes it seems like no fun at all.

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jerdman says:
I always tried evasive maneuvering when I was a driving range ball picker upper. and I always dedicate a couple balls to hit at the range cart. But I'm disappointed that two pros could only score one hit.
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