Picking A Winter Golf Ball
By Kickntrue on 11/6/08
Winter/cold weather golf can be a lot of fun if, 1) you stay warm, and 2) play the right ball. I'll let you figure out number 1 on your own- but here is some advice on picking the right winter ball.

High compression golf balls don't work in cold weather and you'll end up with stinging hands. Swallow your pride/ego/etc and play a lower compression ball. Golf balls are best at 80 degrees. Anything below that starts to play tricks. Once you get below 50 degrees- you are playing a whole new game. Plus- why lose/ruin good balls during the winter?

My suggestion- play your wife's balls... man, that came out weird.

Source 1
A List Of Low Compression Balls

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SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
Anyone ever tried one of those microwave ball holders?
falcon50driver says:
Re.. your suggestion, you can only do that in California.
kidputter says:
I heard that happens a lot at the Blue Oyster Bar.
Ward says:
if you're in CA, most places you're not concerned about winter temps anyways, so you can leave your wife's balls at home, and play with your own balls
shoetick says:
"so you can leave your wife's balls at home, and play with your own balls"

so many ways, so many ways.
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