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22 Year Old Claims 5 Aces In One Week
By Kickntrue on 11/7/08
A 22 year old Chicago "man" claims to have hit five hole-in-one's in one week (last week). All five of the aces happened at the El Paso Golf Club where he works. There was no mention in the article if he had witnesses though this report is printed in the LA Times so I guess it has some credibility.

I mean... I doubt a newspaper could ever get anything wrong. And I REALLY doubt a 22 year old would ever make up a story for a little publicity. Nah... can't see that happening. It must be real.

Jeez- Kim Jong-il would be impressed.

Story- In LA Times

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jerdman says:
haha. shenanigans. but if he works there, and he put the tee box on the green, does that count as a valid hole in one?
mbills1015 says:
5 aces in one week... please, I get atleast 5 aces in one round when I play at Captain Hooks Island adventure!
Kickntrue says:
mbills- i think that is what makes this so unreal... if you go to good mini golf course like "captain hooks island adventure" (anything not with 8 foot straight putts over a little mound) you WOULDN'T get 5 in a round- or maybe even in a week. There is just no way.
mbills1015 says:
couldn't agree more, there is really no way this could be true. Its like getting struck by lightning 5 times in a week...

sidenote: Captain Hooks island adventure is completely made up (may really be in existence), but I thought it sounded like a pretty challenging round of putt-putt.
kidputter says:
Convenient how this story comes out right after HOLE-IN-ONE week ended on the Golf Channel. No witnesses either. Hmmm. Next week he will shoot a 50 with 3 Aces in the round. Follow that up with Aces across the board. Working his way to the golf hall of legends and gods.
dkminton says:
Read the whole article on this guy and decide for your self. He is the web site to read about it. Decatur Herald and Review newspaper.
kidputter says:
FRAUD!!! Odds of 2 in the same round 67,000,000 - 1 for a low handicapper.
5 in a week? Better chance of being struck by lightning 3 TIMES!!!
5 on a par 4 in one year? THERE ARE NO ODDS!!!
7 in one year and he's not on the tour? Guess he sucks at putting.
falcon50driver says:
Better chance of a tornado going through a junk yard and producing a 747.
falcon50driver says:
He said he's glad his club membership comes with "hole-in-one insurance" -- which calls for the club, and not the golfer, to pay for the traditional drinks for everyone in the clubhouse after an ace is made.

"I think the golf course is getting mad at me for all the drinks," Hocker said...........M2D says.....AH HAH
drftorres says:
Yes, he did it five times because the video was replayed 5 times. Most players that have played golf during all their lifetime have never done hole-in-one. This is a joke.
rocket531 says:
I really don't see what the big deal is. I had 7 2 weeks ago. Guess I should have contacted the newspaper.
mrtimb says:
As to the club membership coming with "hole in one insurance", not sure what golf courses that you are an employee at are you also a member. Sounds strange to me. I don't care if you are the head pro, you still aren't considered a member.
blue_crush says:
was this Golfer1234, cause if it was him I'm sure it happened...
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