A Crackdown On Free Golf Abuse
By Kickntrue on 11/7/08
Hundreds of retired Long Island Rail Road workers have been playing free golf on state owned parks with passes meant for disabled employees of the state. I'd explain more but it takes the whole article to paint a clear picture. You can read it if you'd like.

The important takeaway is that someone is actually cracking down on abuse which is a good thing. Though it may not seem like a big deal for a couple old employees to be playing for free- when they are doing it on a state funded course- they are costing New York residents money for upkeep and lost revenue from tee times they may take from paying golfers.

Full Story- NY Times

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SingleDigits says:
I gotta get me one for Bethpage Black!
kidputter says:
Quit picking on the old guys. They put in their time building this country. Let them have some fun. Not like they are making a mint from their pension and Social Security. We should be more concerned with the thieves at Fannie Mae and the like. Possibly stop paying farmers to NOT grow corn. Maybe dock politicians' pay for failure to show up for work. Be allowed to fire them for failure to keep their campaign promises. Stop punishing SENIORS to benefit others.
Mbrooks says:
Maybe we should let people get away with murder because the victim deserved it. That is what is wrong with society today. Everyone thinks that right and wrong are grey areas. Let's take some personal responsibility for our own actions and do what is right. I say make them pay or do some services for the course to pay it back.
terpsno1 says:
Explain to me why Disabled State employees play for free also?
ellisanders says:
I would also like for someone to explain to me how you are well enough to play golf but not to work in some capacity. Everyone wants something for nothing..Oh but wait they aren't getting it for nothing. The working citizens of this country who pay taxes are the ones footing the bill for these "disabled" employees. Those of us who play understand how much stress is placed on the knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc. In short, if you can swing a club, tee up, or pick up a ball then you can push a broom, mop, pencil, or papers.
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