No More ProV1 (Update)
By Kickntrue on 11/11/08
If you enjoy your Titleist Pro V1 ball you better go stock up now. Callaway has won a lawsuit against Acushnet (Titleist parent company) for patent infringment and the production of the balls must be stopped.

It's weird that this is the first time I'm hearing of this. It seems the court battle started awhile ago. Did I just miss this or has it been kept quiet?

Do you think it will hold up?

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- Update -

It seems Titleist's response to this whole thing is to make a "new" Pro V1 ball that will start selling in 2009. Time will tell if it really performs better as they claim it will without any of the same patents, but it certainly means the number one ball in golf is changing its winning formula which is news in itself. Hopefully it works better than "New Coke."
"GÇ£We strongly disagree with the judgeGÇÖs ruling and will file an appeal and seek relief from the injunction,GÇ¥ said Joe Nauman, executive vice president, corporate and legal of Acushnet. GÇ£However, itGÇÖs important to recognize that this ruling will not have any impact on our ability to supply our customers with Pro V1 golf balls because of the following actions which we have undertaken. In September 2008, we converted production of the existing Pro V1 models so that they are outside of the patents in question; and we have also developed and will be introducing new and improved Titleist Pro V1 products in the first quarter of 2009 that are also outside the scope of the patents in question."
Update From Titleist

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klangdon says:
This is nuts, I am seriously thinking about going and stockpiling a few boxes to sell next year.
iluv5pam says:
i'm with you on this Klangdon. this effects Pro V1x too as well i assume?
kidputter says:
I wonder if it will affect the Bridgestone B330, since Bridgestone won their lawsuit for the same patent infringement earlier this year and prompted the buyout. Srixon has also filed a suit in Europe against Titleist. Who cares. They are still overpriced and I'll stick with my Top Flites for $15 per dozen.
falcon50driver says:
It's not the arrows...It's the Indian !
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
Its a funny thing......I have played both the Callaway and the Pro V1's and the Pro V1's are better. Are you sure they are using Callaways patent?
TMAGgolfer says:
the reason u may think that pro V1 is better because of the fact that titelist uses different dimple pattern callaway is filing suit because of the core of the ball. i say titelist gets what they desrve. i will just stick with my taylormade TP/black/LDP yeah son best ball on the planet! try it you will love it.
falcon50driver says:
Is that the ball you used to shoot the 62 where you hit 100% of fairways and had 100% GIR ?
hondolane says:
I play the SRIXON, URC Awesome ball. Good feel, great spin. And best of all... usually $10 cheaper per doz. compared to the V1. I just hope the prices go up on them now.
onedollarwed says:
Interesting... I play frequently at Acushnet River Valley in Acushnet MA, because I work in New Bedford. It's a great course, and the bonus is all the Pro VI's in the bushes. I guess workers or management at the plant might play with comp balls right there in town and not look for them like $3 bills in the rhubarb. I keep hoping to find a prototype. Of course much of this is in my imagination. There is nothing that says if you buy a better ball (or pinch it from the assembly line) you can keep it down the middle. I hope this doesn't affect the local families who work at the facility.
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