California Wants To Tax Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/11/08
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to raise more money and cut the state budget deficit calls for taxing golf.
According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the governor is proposing increasing taxes by $4.7 billion. This includes a temporary increase in the sales tax, a new tax on oil production and an excise tax on alcohol. It also calls for broadening the sales tax to include appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair, golf and veterinary services beginning March 1.

SchwarzeneggerGÇÖs proposal has come under intense criticism from lawmakers who oppose a tax hike in the midst of a widening economic crisis. ItGÇÖs also being attacked by government programs that would be slashed due to budget cuts. The governor intends to reduce spending on education, health care and welfare.
You could question why golf wasn't being taxed in the first place, but considering golf accounts for about $6.9 Billion to California's economy each you, do you really want to risk pissing the golfers off or giving them more reason to stay at home?

I say tax the crap out of alcohol. Then you're still taxing the guys on the golf course- but it's much more of a choice by the end user. If you live in California you still have time to protest. Call your representative.

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flapjacksmike says:
i knew this was going to happen. i have a feeling that this golf tax wont be the only state to "change" it's thoughts on taxing golf.
Ben Crane says:
I already pay an "amusement" tax in MD on golf. Still waiting to be amused by my scoring, though.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I am not surprised one iota. These politicians will never learn. Increasing taxes stagnate the economy which equals less revenue to gov't. Ever hear of slashing wasteful spending by your over-arching bureaucracy, Arnold? Anybody have any idea how much money out of state golfers bring into CA every year to play courses like Pebble & Torrey?
Eugene Chang says:
You can help out by joining the Coalition against golf tax here:
mdell says:
I'm starting to cry, for years hunters and gun owners have been the target of increaseing taxes at every turn. Now golf is the target. Hurts doesn't it? Why don't we all get together and oppose the increase of taxes and demand that government control spending!
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