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Illegal Drivers And How They Perform
By Kickntrue on 11/17/08
Merlin2Driver's picture got Kevin and I thinking about illegal drivers and how the perform. The reality is- most of the people on oob want to play by the rules of golf but in the end it doesn't really matter if we follow every single club specification. We aren't playing for money. We aren't playing in any sanctioned events.

So what are the illegal clubs? How do you spot them? And maybe most interesting- how do they actually stack up against their legal competition?

Question one is pretty simple- here is the USGA's list of non-conforming drivers- Non-conforming Drivers

For anyone who thinks that all illegal drivers are made in secret shops in China and sold on the underground- think again. The "big companies" dominate this list. You'll find plenty of illegal ammo from Titleist, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Callaway and others.

So what is the difference? Popular Mechanics decided to find out so they found legal and illegal drivers and hooked them up to a test machine and the results were mixed. In a lot of cases using an illegal driver doesn't help that much- though the best performing driver of the bunch test was illegal- the Callaway's illegal ERC II. Don't confuse that with the legal version of the same club.

Illegal Drivers Tested

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TaylorFade says:
Tom Wishon (club guru) did some of his own testing and found that the difference between an .830 (legal limit) and a .900 (the upper limit of COR) was only 6-7 yards with 100mph swing. The downside to higher COR is that the ball stays on the clubface longer and therefore also imparts more spin. In my case that's a fade spin. Not good. I built an illegal club last month. The Krank El Diablo. It's the driver that took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the long drive world championship last year. Hot? Yes. Fairway? No.

With all that being said I revisited some old school low COR maraging steel technology after the run with the El Diablo and pulled out the old Calloway Steelhead. And guess what? More fairways and longer drives. Belive it or not it has replaced the Burner in my bag. Not nearly as much forgiveness, but if you hit the center a lot I suggest trying an older high hardness metal drivers with low spin.

Anyone wanna buy an El Diablo?
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