Six Words? You freaking kidding me?
Want To Play With Jordan & Timberlake?
By Kickntrue on 11/17/08
Michael Jordan and Justin Timberlake will be paired with an amateur for a round at Bethpage Black before next year's US Open to see if they can break 100. The gimmick worked so well this year they figured they'd go at it again. Sounds fun- so how do you get in?

Well- this is either a misprint or the absolute most intense "essay contest" ever. The Associated Press story says the winner will be picked based on the best SIX WORD essay on why you can break 100.

SIX WORDS?!!! Umm.. let me try this.

I swear I can do it!
I am awesome. I'll do it!
I'll bet Jordan that I can!

Okay- your turn to try. Submissions are due by January 31.

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TheBrownCrayon says:
The six word idea is actually something that has been used a lot in the past and has gotten a little revival recently. Hemingway once wrote a six word "novel" that said "For Sale: Baby Crib. Never used."

I've got mine: "I look REALLY good on tv." Or "I want Timberlake as my wingman."
golfgirl says:
Twitter's "140 characters or less" communication model is great conditioning for the six word essay. I've got mine, and it's a winner. ;op
Kickntrue says:
and you're not going to share.... wow! you must think you really have it.
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
I entered last year and got a response for follow-up info and a picture request, although that was the last I heard from them. I have re-entered this year with THE winning essay and video.........sorry golf we all make it from oobgolf....wouldn't that be great!
TheBrownCrayon says:
No shame. Horrendous pants? You bet!
TaylorFade says:
I'm sure it'll be another heart wrenching tale of some poor soul that turns to golf to overcome all of lifes tragedies. Or a woman. They will never pick some random, well adjusted guy that just likes to play.

"Healthy. Happy. Father. Blue collar golfer," is not gonna get it done. Or will it?
TaylorFade says:
Here's mine...

Cinderella story. It's in the hole!
Ball down? No gimmies? No problem.
Bogeys suck. Where's the cart girl?
What do you mean, no drinking?
ToddRobb says:
100 at Bethpage Black? No problem.
ToddRobb says:
Break 100 at Bethpage Black,,,priceless
mbills1015 says:
A couple I could think of.

Bethpage Black... call it, Bethpage Easy!
Augusta National... no thanks. Gimme Bethpage.
Warning Signs? Experienced Golfers? No problem...
Shooter Mcgowan says:
break 100? I'm gonna break 70!
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