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Groudskeeper Arrested For Killing Skunk
By Kickntrue on 11/19/08
A greenskeeper in Connecticut at the Mill River Country Club was arrested yesterday for killing a skunk on the course with a golf club. A resident saw the incident and called the police. 19 year old Kadeem Palmer was arrested for cruelty to animals.

Seriously?! Are you freaking kidding me?! What?! It's a freaking skunk- in a public place. Have you ever smelled what a skunk can do? This kid should be awarded a medal for having the balls to get close enough to kill the thing with a golf club. I would've been 50 yards away picking the bastard off with a rifle.

Skunks are a menace to society. When I see one on the road I only swerve to avoid my car smelling. If I'm in a rental car I swerve to crush the thing. If this kid gets even a slap on the wrist it would be an outrage. The same lady who complained probably keeps her little lap dog locked up in a little cage at night to keep her new white carpet clean. What a freaking joke!

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klangdon says:
how does the guy hit a skunk with a golf club and not get sprayed?
Kickntrue says:
Because he's the man! A hero. oobgolf Man of The Year in my book.
mantajim says:
The fact the kid could get close enough to kill a wild skunk with a club, sounds like a good indicator that it might be rabid. He needs to be thanked by the community and someone ought to stick a skunk in the ladies garage
Don R says:
Groundskeeper had a club and not a rake to kill it with? Sounds like he was playing and not working to keep course in pristine condition. For this.......he should be arrested.
madcityscott says:
That stinks!
Verne says:
If it was attacking him, it was scent-defense! Or would that be self-desense?
falcon50driver says:
Reminds me of the guy who was having an awful day on the course and as he was finishing the 18th hole and preparing to go home, Quoted the monkey who was making love to a skunk " I've enjoyed all this stinking stuff I can stand"
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