Annika Walks Away On Top
By Kickntrue on 11/20/08
Annika Sorenstam will hang up her golf spikes this weekend- at least for the public viewing. For anyone who watched her play on tv or in person its a bittersweet day.

I'd venture to guess most people don't bother to actually watch women's golf outside of the highlights and sexy calendar, which is a shame. For the amateur male golfer the women's game is very similar to perfection achieved. When you see them play you realize you can hit the ball as far as them but they do it every single time more consistently than you could ever imagine. Watching the PGA Tour is fun but for the freaks of nature the men are. Watching someone like Annika gives me hope and lets my imagination pretend that someday I could play like she does.

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chaka says:
yup. she's been great to follow, glad the LPGA is getting better, now we have Lorena, Paula, Natalie et al.

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