Annika Misses Cut
By Kickntrue on 11/21/08
Annika Sorenstam's last event was a bit shorter than hoped. After two rounds over par at the ADT Championship, Annika finds herself outside of the cutline ending her event, year and career- at least for now.

A storybook ending win would've been awesome. Shouldn't she get some kind of cut exemption?


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saintsman says:
no exemption!!
Kickntrue says:
I'd be willing to make a (small) bet with anyone willing that she ends up teeing it up in a professional event in the next two years.
mrtimb says:
i think she might tee it up again, but on a limited basis. i don't see her playing golf again fulltime, but i could see her playing a select few events a year after, like you said, 2-3 years.
falcon50driver says:
What's up with the picture? That's not Annika either...
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