Daddy Ian is probably pretty pissed.
Ian Woosnam's Son Jailed
By Kickntrue on 11/24/08
Ian Woosnam's name and fame couldn't save his jackass son from being jailed. Twenty-one year old Daniel Woosnam has been sentenced to jail for 2 years for his part in a beating for owed money. Daniel and his partner in crime were so drunk they don't remember the beating.
The victim suffered horrific bruising and a double fracture to his jaw. Doctors had to build three titanium plates into his face which he will have for life.

Woosnam and Oliver Hall, 23, attacked their victim on 12 June after he failed to repay a debt of between -ú800 and -ú900, the Royal Court in Jersey heard.

Woosnam drank four litres of cider before the attack. After it, the thugs ran off to spend hours boozing on a beach.
Cider?! How could he drink more than 12 ounces of that sweet faux-drink?

Drinking is bad for you folks. Learn this. Live this.

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Kickntrue says:
It could've been worse. He could've been arrested for something like this-
kidputter says:
4 liters? That's like 1/2 a case of beer. Except it was CIDER. YUKK! They need to take a lesson from John Daly and stick to beer. All it does is make you pee and fall asleep in your car.
As for Kevin's post, HOW THE H*LL can you arrest someone for breaking wind and maintain a straight face? I would have given him an award for doing it long enough to force them to call the cops.
falcon50driver says:
I can only wonder what you were googling to have found that news item.....
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