Tiger Loses GM Endorsement
By Kickntrue on 11/24/08
Tiger Woods has ended his partnership with GM as an edorser of the Buick brand. Finally- the charade is over. Tiger doesn't have to pretend he drives a Buick anymore.

The open bidding for that big spot on his bag starts immediately. My guess is it goes for juuuust a bit- despite the economic downturn.


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BAKE_DAWG40 says:
GM makes a great product & it's too bad things are going the way they are. However, it was only a matter of time. Maybe Tiger can put this on his bag, "UAW: Slowly Bankrupting the Auto Industry for 30 Years." JMO
falcon50driver says:
How about the CEO ? If he were really worth his 100 million annual salary GM wouldn't be in the fix it's in.
klangdon says:
I think Tiger needs a big oobgolf logo on that bag...
Snyper says:
Bake, don't blame the blue collar guy trying to feed his family when the administrators making millions to sit in a lush office and fly around in coorporate jets!!!
rocket531 says:
I think there is enough blame pie to go around for both.
Ward says:
damn, I bought a buick to be hip and cool like tiger, so now what do I do?
kidputter says:
If the government gives the UAW the $25 billion, can I play in the ensuing golf tournament they sponsor? As for Tiger, he made $122 million last year. He doesn't need to advertise for a car company that caters to the older generation. He should promote vehicles he WANTS to own, not ones given to him.
grand hawk x22 says:
Thanks Tiger... Now my 1986 sky blue BUICK LeSabre isn't cool. I am still a fan. Oh by the way Tiger the air cells in my Nikes blew out and my back hurt durrig my last round. Foot Joys are on my x-mass list.
Josh says:
If we're talking about corrupt leaders than we should start with the leaders of the UAW before we look at CEOs. That said, that's part of why I think bailouts are bad... poor leadership and business decisions lead to bankruptcy and a "reset". Sure the CEOs of companies make a lot, but I'm all for them making as much as they can, as long as they run their business well. Heck a public company CEO can be pretty easily ousted by the share holders if need be.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Snyper, not blaming the working class guy. Don't misunderstand. Union's in general have "collectively bargained" their way into this predicament. Sad thing is the Union leadership does not care about the little guy. They'll move onto another sector of the economy(Walmart is a possibility) and maintain their influence. It's all about political power.
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