Now THAT'S A Divot!
By Kickntrue on 11/25/08
Security at the Casio Open in Tokyo, Japan, has been beefed up after a caller warned of buried mines around the course.
Police said they will deploy around 160 officers at the Kuroshio Country Club in Kochi, where the four-day Japan Golf Tour event will kick off Thursday. They will also guard hotels where players will stay for the tournament about 390 miles southwest of Tokyo.

The police deployment will begin on Wednesday after an anonymous caller told a local newspaper Tuesday and said he had buried mines at the tournament venue.

The man demanded the golf tournament be canceled, police said. Police checked the venue for about two hours following the call but found nothing.

The call follows small explosions last week at the clubhouse and building of a corporate sponsor in Kochi. No one was injured in the explosions, which occurred late at night. Police declined to give details on the explosions.
Well, at least their still having the event. I can't imagine what could possibly go wrong. Look- a threat can often just be a threat but there actual explosions there last week. Eh- should be fun.

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kidputter says:
You think the golfers will let the caddies walk in front of them this week?
Ben Crane says:
I wouldn't want to be the groundskeeper that mows the fairways right before the event. However, it is probably like the 20+ bomb threats I went through in high school - not a single one real, but you had to react in a way assuming it was credible.
falcon50driver says:
I'm glad they're still having their tournament there.
Cal says:
Didn't they hit golf balls into the minefield in M*A*S*H*?
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