Slow Play Can Be Solved By Woman
By Kickntrue on 12/1/08
You may grumble when you see a group of women playing in front of you but the fact is women play a round of golf 12-15 minutes faster than men.
... women play a faster round, by an average 12-15 minutes, then men. When you take a close look at how our habits add time to the game, itGÇÖs understandable.

Research done on matters of attitudes we bring to golf shows that 75 per cent of men say they gamble on the course, compared with less than 50 per cent of women; only half of female golfers track their handicap, compared with three-quarters of the men; and 18 per cent of women admit to having lost their temper on the golf course, compared with 45 percent of men.

Next time you're on a course, closely watch the difference in preparation time between the sexes, from practice swings to lining up putts to the walking speed between shots, and - perhaps most important GÇô understanding our playing limitations. When, for example, have you seen an 18-handicap female trying to hit a two-iron or three-wood across water to a green 220 yards away?

If each golfer in a foursome individually wastes five seconds per shot and shoots 90, that adds up to about seven and a half minutes per golfer and GÇô if there isnGÇÖt any other wasted time GÇô itGÇÖs a significant 30 minutes per foursome per round.
So... I guess the real question is- do you buy it? I can see some truths in this- but I'm not sure that makes me any less disgruntled when I see a mixed four-some in front of my at the course. Of course- truth be told, I'm not happy when ANYONE is in front of me on the first tee.

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pikapp23 says:
A group of women always do seem to play faster than groups of men, but mixed groups (especially husband/wife groups) always seem slow. Those mixed groups are faster if the women ride together and men ride together.
kidputter says:
The mixed groups are slow no matter HOW they ride. Senior mixed 4-somes are even slower. As for women playing faster than men, come by my course someday when the men AND women leagues are playing. Women take longer because they CAN'T make that 220 yard shot over the water. They take 2 or even 3 shots to get around/over it.
Ward says:
with how busy most of the courses around me are, I'm not sure it matters who is directly in front of you, because they have someone directly in front of them.....
mrtimb says:
All I can speak from is from watching the women and men play at the few courses I've worked at. Speaking from that experience, I'd have to say, at least in Wilmington, NC, there's no way women play faster than men. Walking, riding, it makes no difference. Yes, there's those few groups of women who are decent golfers, but the majority of women I see playing while I'm working are out there to socialize, and a 50 yard worm burner up the fairway is a "Good shot, Alice". I've worked at 3 courses over the span of over a decade, and I've yet to see women's day golf finish faster than the men's group day.
joowen says:
as far as i am concerned the courses i play in central pa are all slow no matter what group is in front.the rangers hurry no along anymore,but most men need to know you dont drive 2 carts to one ball and then drive both carts to the next far as the 220 yard shot over water most men couldnt make it to begin with and would have to drop taking the same amount of time a women would take hitting wife and daughter could walk circles around anyone in a cart.
mrtimb says:
yeah, joowen, if more people would just play ready golf the world of golf would be a much better place. all it takes is that one group to start the logjam and it snowballs into 5+hour rounds from there.
mrtimb says:
on a sidenote, does anyone think that the amount of money it costs to play somewhere has something to do with it? seems to me the cheaper the greensfee the longer my round takes. lol
Kickntrue says:
I sometimes find the opposite to be true. I usually hussle on a nice cheap course.
Rpoole11 says:
Yep, I'm playing a cheap course I'll happily hack my way around in 4 hours. I'm paying more than a hundred bucks I'm going to take my time and enjoy it.
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