David Safavian
Jurors Asked About Golf Habits
By Kickntrue on 12/2/08
Getting out of jury duty is usually pretty easy but what do you do when you're called and they start asking about golf? That's what happened in the retrial of David Safavian (served as the top procurement official in the Bush White House). His previous conviction was for obstruction of justice and one of the key points of the trial was hiding information about a golf outing.

Jurors were asked questions about their golfing, though it isn't really known if saying yes would help or hurt your chances of serving on the jury.

It does make things difficult though. I mean- it's easy to say I have a big meeting at work, but it'd be really hard for me to say I don't love golf. Not sure what I'd do.

On a serious note though, why are people so opposed to jury duty, especially if they have an employer? One, it's a civic duty, but two, you get out of a day of "real work" and get to focus on someone else's issues. It's like being on Jerry Springer for a day. I'm sure people's distain is mostly from horror stories. Anyone have any good jury duty stories?

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