Alistair Tait Sounds Off
By Kickntrue on 12/3/08
My favorite Golfweek writer Alistair Tait made his annual trip to the USA recently and has a couple things he wants to get off his chest. A couple things about US golf, specifically having to do with cart rules really get under his skin. The USA game has worked on him a little bit though, he loves the fee tees.
I had the chance to play PGA National on my trip. We got to play the Honda Classic course, only to be told it was strictly cart paths only. I took a caddie so I could walk, but I watched as colleagues trudged from cart to ball and back, sometimes walking nearly 200 yards when their balls were as far from the carts as possible. On several occasions I saw colleagues get fed up and take golf bags off the carts, resigning themselves to walking. You donGÇÖt see signs that say GÇ£cart paths onlyGÇ¥ in the British Isles because, thankfully, carts are few and far between.

We have to pay for tees in the British Isles while they get handed out in the U.S. as if they were confetti. I have no shame in saying that I load up on tees when IGÇÖm in the U.S. Often you can pick up three or four on each tee. Having to pay for tees rankles me for some reason.

I really enjoy Mr. Tait. I interviewed him a couple months ago. Check that out here.

Full Story- Golfweek

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