Is it Davis or Couples?
Worst Major Winners
By Kickntrue on 12/4/08
While a lot of people focus on the "best golfer to never win a major" here is a fun look at the most dissapointing players TO win a major. This is actually written almost a year ago but considering it has 0 comments and is on a rather obscure blog- I imagine it will be new to most of you- and still 100% relevant.
Fred Couples - The reason for this argument, Couples won the 1992 Masters and that was that. Boom-Boom (God, what a stupid nickname) finished in the top-10 a remarkable ten times, and what is even more remarkable is the time span he did it in - his first was a a tie for third in 1982 at the PGA Championship and his last, a tie for third at the Masters in 2006.

Davis Love III - For some reason, when I was stupider younger, I always thought Davis Love was really good. I guess I didn't totally understand the meaning of "good." Love won the 1997 PGA Championship, and has never raelly done anything else.

Justin Leonard - The fellow Texan has won 11 times on the PGA Tour, including the 1997 British Open. The thing is, he's been on the cusp of winning numerous times, including the playoff in the 1999 British after the Van de Velde fiasco.

David Duval - The guy was at the top of the golf world in 1999 and even shot a damn 59 in a tournament! Now, he's made four cuts in two years, with his best finish a tie for 39th.
Check out the link for the full article and who Shane Bacon thinks is the worst of the best.

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jerdman says:
I think these guys are only on the list because they haven't won multiple majors. But when I see "worst golfer to win a major", I think of guys like Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton, and Shaun Micheel. Guys that have the best week of their lives and noone ever talks about them again. I will say Curtis has at least put himself in position and has played well lately. Looking back at a list of previous champions, I'm not sure I'd even heard of some of those guys like Mark Brooks, Wayne Grady, and Scott Simpson. At least those 4 guys on the list had success outside of majors.
Kickntrue says:
I agree with you that it's probably a bad title or a little mis-categorized. I think these guys are the ones who are considered "great" who maybe aren't really that "great". They are solid but people do consider Fred Couples for instance to be a great player in this generation- and maybe it's just that Tiger Woods clouds our judgment of great, but in reality Boom Boom has still only closed once in a major.
southping says:
Couples was player of the year in '92 I believe . I am a little biased . Boom Boom is one of my favorite players . He also had a whole lot of back problems . Kind of like Don Mattingly for me . Don would have been a HOFer if he didn't have his problems . And even at Fred's age he still competes on tour . I never bought the Davis III hype . He has won his share , but he just bombs it . Justin has won over 10 tournaments . That's very good . If not great . Just my opinion .
saintsman says:
totally agree with you jerdman
TimmyBede says:
Davis Love just won his 20th PGA tour event last month wining him life time exemption on the tour. That's the 4th most wins of any active PGA Tour player. 11 times he been ranked a Top 10 player on the PGA Tour. What about that isn't "good"? I disagree with your assesment. I agree with jerdman; Ben Curtis, Todd Hamilton, and Shaun Micheel would be at the top of my list of most dissapointing players TO win a major.
Robtihanyi says:
Never heard of Wayne Grady??? 'Grades' is an absolute champion of Australian golf, and a true icon. He remains heavily involved in the Australian PGA, serving as its Chairman until a couple of years ago. He not only won the USPGA in 1990, but lost the '89 British Open in a playoff, and won two Australian PGA's. Sure he played all of his golf at the same time as Norman and so probably fades into his shadow somewhat, but he would probably still rate in the top 10-20 Australian golfers of all time.
Rpoole11 says:
Title is a bit misleading. The link takes you to "The Most Disappointing" major winners. What they are trying to get at is guys who won a major who you expected to become great, but never won another. I don't know that Davis Love belongs on that list either. Like timmybede said he just won his 20th title. That's pretty good in my book. You guys may also want to watch out putting Ben Curtis on your lists of worst major winners. He had a pretty good year (9th in FedEx Cup) and is ranked 24th in the world right now.
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