Design Legend Pete Dye Hates Balls
By Kickntrue on 12/5/08
Golf Hall of Fame designer Pete Dye really dislikes new golf ball technology.
"I think (the ball) has hurt the game more than it's helped it," Dye said recently while standing outside the clubhouse of The Dye Preserve Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. "The ball is helping the good professional but it's not helped the higher handicap player. A professional player can hit it 280 yards. Why help him hit it 330 yards?

"There's no doubt that with the configuration of the golf ball and with their speed, the ball goes like a bullet for professional players. I think the USGA has let this get far out of hand."
Interesting, and our second ball related post this week. I agree that the ProV1 is better used in the hands of a Tour player than me- but it certainly helps. There is no doubt about that. Interesting point though, especially from his perspective. Imagine putting a design portfolio together of world class golf courses praised by many and used for the highest levels of competition, then years later those same course are nothing but nice layouts for wealthy amateurs because they're too short for pro play. It has to hurt a little bit.

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klangdon says:
I think that its intersting how much emphasis he is putting on ball technology vs Drivers. Seems to me that the balls have not changed nearly as much as the clubs.
Traditionalist says:
What I think is interesting is what the modern golf ball has done for equipment now deemed irrelevant, that being forged blades and persimmon woods. With the advent of the new ball they are now more relevant than they were when they were the standard and resided in every bag. The masses will undoubtedly scoff but I find them a joy to play with the modern ball.
schoolp3 says:
I wish they would invent a remote control ball.
BigTimeHitter says:
Sounds like he needs some bigger balls
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