Captain Paul no more.
No Azinger For USA
By Kickntrue on 12/9/08
It looks like the PGA of America has decided the 2010 Ryder Cup Captain won't be Paul Azinger.
"All I can say is that it's not going to be me," Azinger told on Monday. "You'll find out who it is on Thursday."
I can't really tell if there is bitterness from that quote or not, but I do find it to be a bit of surprise. I'm not sure why the PGAoA thinks it's so important to change.

Who's next and how much pressure do they face now? They win and they are good- but imagine losing after such a dominating win this year. Everyone will be talking about how you were the wrong choice and Azinger should've stayed. I think I can handle the pressure, if they want to call me.

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saintsman says:
does anyone have any ideas who it might be?
TimmyBede says:
Looks like it's going to Pavin. I haven't heard about him in a while. He's got a tough act to follow.
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