When Will Old (Rich) People Learn?
By Kickntrue on 12/10/08
This just in... living on a golf course can open your property up to damage from golf balls.
When they bought the home, they said, they did not think twice about signing a waiver promising not to sue the golf course operator for any damage that may occur because of their home's location.

That turned out to be a mistake, they now say.
Give a bonus to whoever thought of that waver. Does anyone know if that is pretty standard in situations like these?

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I find it hard to feel bad, though I do find one thing a bit odd. When I look carefully at the one picture in the article it sure looks like you can see a tee box across from where the residents are standing. I assume from the picture that they are in their backyard. How do they get so much damage if they live beside a TEE BOX?!

It looks like you can see a guy teeing off. So it takes a duck hook from a righty or an off the toe shank from a lefty. Eh- I've done that before...

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saucemanbp says:
As far as living on the Golf Course, people have to expect some errant balls to get away and land or damage thier property. I have had the same problem but I also find that those golfers have taken responsibility for any damage. As far as the Golf balls in your yard turn around and place then near your fence and sell them back for a reasonable price, we have kids doing just that from the back fence of their yard. Or just move and make sure you know what you are getting into before you buy property on a golf course.
komega19 says:
That's hilarious.... my old club in (let's just call it "Mayberry") there was this stucco beheamoth right at the apex of the 15th fairway, 550 yd par 5 dogleg right, we used to use it as a aiming point! Some old crotchety bastard lived there alone, and would often be out pruning bushes and kicking wayward balls off of his property... we actually invited him to join us, once- after a few beverages, he declined, stating "... golf is a stupid activity...". After that exchange, he became a marked man!!
knoxgoalie says:
did they think there would be no golf balls on the course or something. there's no excuse for this kind of stupidity, it's like saying you didn't think it would be noisy if you lived on an airport runway. if they make you sign a waiver, there's probably a reason for it.
Ward says:
notice the "beautiful landscaping" i.e. DIRT that they've put up in their yard....

quite the eyesore for the poor golfers that have to walk by that dump
Cal says:
There was a board member at Cape Schanck who bought a house on the course and lived there quite happily for many a year. One day he was no longer on the board and turned around and sued the course because of the danger of golf balls coming into his property. I think they had to redesign one of the holes because of this.

Robtihanyi says:
Just install the netting for goodness sake! Its not like someone would fail to install locks on their doors, or a fence to keep their animals in. Some people are just plain stupid - either move, protect your property, or shut up.
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