Packing Mystery Bags
By Kickntrue on 12/11/08
Sorry for no posts today... been slaving away on your Mystery Bags.

We shipped over 400 today and we'll spend the rest of the night getting the others ready for tomorrow. Here's just a small tease for you guys to see some of the stuff coming! We came up with a randomized algorithm to decide on who won what and someone in Orlando actually won 2 of the big prizes. It makes me want to punch Mickey next time I'm down there.

Don't fret, there's still plenty of nice stuff to go around! Everyone should have all of their bags before the holidays. Thanks so much again for everyone who participated- it was a great success. Stay tuned- we could be doing it again in the near future.

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Team Lexus says:
i like the hats and t-shirts...can't wait to get mine!!!
OrlandoGolfBlogger says:
Someone in Orlando you say?? It just so happens that I did order two bags :)
Dugini says:
So, how many of us Ooberites bit on the bags???
klangdon says:
275 oobers bought a bag before we cut it off
starman02000 says:
Are you going to do this agaih soon?
SingleDigits says:
Hey, thanks so much for the bag. I got the towel and zero friction tees and both will be well used once the ground thaws in the spring!
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