Plane Crashes On Florida Course
By Kickntrue on 12/15/08
A small plane appeared to fall apart while still in the air crashing on a Florida golf course.
Some eyewitnesses to the crash were on the golf course when it happened.

"We heard the engine revving back and forth then the whole plane came apart in the air," said Blair Wadick, who was playing golf with local resident Dale Conrod.

"It was literally in pieces in the air," Conrod said.

The men were on hole No. 3 when they heard the plane and saw it hurtling towards the earth.
This seems to happen enough to make it somewhat concerning. Not so much that I'm afraid to go golfing anytime soon but I guess the wide open space of a golf course does lend itself to a crash landing.

Sadly the pilot lived his entire 70 year life with the name James Weener. Sadder, he and his passenger both died in the crash.

Has anyone ever been on a course and seen a plane a little too close for comfort?

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