He even looks funny. Love it!
David Feherty Is Funny
By Kickntrue on 12/15/08
I was cruising Golf.com for a golf story (doesn't exist in December, sorry) and found his archives. Here is one of his featured archives with Feherty ranting about voice mail systems that take forever to tell you have a message. It was written over 6 years ago but is still so true. His specific case has to do with a hotel message system, but I think this is also true with people calling and leaving messages just to tell you they have a message.

I have personally stopped leaving voice messages to friends. Every cell has caller ID- they know I called, so they should call back. You should I also know I don't ever listen to my voice mail- so if you've called and think I'm a jerk... I am, but not in this case- I just never knew you called.

What does this have to do with golf? Not much, except it was on Golf.com and written by David Feherty- so that counts, right? Did I mention it's December? Seriously- I've already written about a guy named Weener and phone calls. Stay tuned this afternoon for naked golf chicks.

Golf.com- Feherty Archives

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William Charles Ni says:
David is funny but looks aren't everything!

Seriously, leave a message. If you called me and didn't leave a message I wouldn't bother to call back. It obviously wasn't important. I don't call back based on caller id -- I just don't pick up based on it! I guess I'm a jerk too 8=)

tiger18 says:
Oh yeah funny! this is the day after he was run over by a car. It is funny, but I feel a little sorry for him.
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