Scarface- MC To OB
By Kickntrue on 12/15/08
Rapper Scarface (yah- me neither) has taken up golf with a passion.
Turns out the rambunctious rapper, known for his GÇ£hard-boiled, ghetto-bredGÇ¥ style and who has twice been convicted on gun charges, is a golf nut. GÇ£Golf is like a woman,GÇ¥ Scarface told an reporter during a recent round at Wildcat Golf Club in Houston. GÇ£One day everything is cool. Next day, you be like, 'What happened?' "

GÇÿFace has been playing for about a year and says he tees it up just about every day. "Messing with wanting to hit the ball straighter and even straighter and wanting to chip the ball and place the ball got me addicted,GÇ¥ he says. Still, he finds it easier to bust a rhyme than break 90.
The real reason I posted this was to start a campaign for a new nickname. From now on I'd really feel better if people on oob referred to me as "'True" instead of Kickntrue. Press Tent

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komega19 says:
How about "kickin wing"... a la Joe Dirt....?
dml138 says:
how about kicknpoo or just Poo for short.
Kickntrue says:
thanks... thanks a lot.
William Charles Ni says:
Why not K-Tru? Has a better "rap" sound to it.
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