Padraig Harrington POY
By Kickntrue on 12/16/08
Padraig Harrington was announced today as the PGA Tour Player of the Year by his peers, the only people who should really matter.
Me: Who got your POY vote?
Player: Harrington.
Me: I agree. Think he'll win?
Player: No other good candidates.
Me: Uh, TW?
Player: 6 tournaments is not a year.
What an odd year. Sergio plays the best, Padraig misses the finals in the FedExCup yet wins player of the year. Neither won the FedExCup, which was won by Vijay Singh. If Tiger ends up playing all year- all 3 of those things probably don't happen.

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ToddRobb says:
I voted for Tiger(big surprise:)). I don't play much poker, but doesn't 4 of any kind beat 2 Aces? It seems to me that Padraig played well for 2 weekends, not for the year. I guess with Tiger out for half of the year he won by default.
Kickntrue says:
I dont' know if it was by "default" but Padraig did have a great year by most standards, but ESPECIALLY by Tiger's own. Tiger has always said only majors matter. Plus- just because Tiger went out in June doesn't mean he had "half a year." In reality, Tiger only teed it up 6 times. That's not even 1/3 of a year.
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