Boo Weekley Wants A Paid Hunting Gig
By Kickntrue on 12/18/08
In news that should surprise nobody, PGA Tour golfer Boo Weekley says that he would quit golf in a heartbeat if he could hunt for a living.
Weekley has now added to his eccentric reputation by admitting he would walk away from the pro ranks if he could secure his future by hunting.

Asked if he would walk away from golf if he had that opportunity, he stated: "No hesitating. There is nothing like it. It's hard to explain, unless you just hunt and fish for a living, or you do it as much as me."
I'm calling a BS on this to some degree. Boo's career earnings are $5.1M (says PGA Tour Stats). I'm pretty sure hunting every day for the rest of your life isn't THAT expensive. I'm pretty sure any financial planner worth their Series 7 could find a way to have Boo hunting instead of playing golf. Add in Boo's personality and I'm sure Versus or another Channel would come knocking down his door for a couple hundred thousand a year to do a show. If you can't live off a couple hundred thousand to do what you love on top of a $5 million nest egg- you just aint right (I tried to put it in terms Boo may understand).

I'm not hating on Boo here. I like his personality- I think he's great for golf. He embodies what we try to do at oobgolf as much as any pro, but don't go around saying you'd leave it all to do something else when in reality you are perfectly in a position to do that right now.

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William Charles Ni says:
I'd imagine that the 5.1 is probably not all getting down to Boo (taxes, caddy fees, other expenses) but with what is left and the sponsorship then I imagine he ain't hurting any.

If he wants to give me the 5 million, I'll pay him 200,000 a year to hunt and then I'll play golf for a living 8=)
JWHpurist says:
If Bo wants a real hunt, tell him to look me up and we will go out and take "400 lb. Russian Boars with handguns with one shot". This is much more interesting and challenging than an "Ace on a 220 yd. par 3" with an elevated, 3 tier green. I have done both in this long life!! JWHpurist
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