It Feels Like Christmas Morning
By Kickntrue on 12/19/08
I feel like a little kid waiting for my parents to wake up so we can start presents. UPS will be delivering a new Leupold Rangefinder today!! You should be excited too. Smells a lot like a Mystery Bag type item to me!

I've used GPS devices before but never a rangefinder? Can anyone share their experience? I'm pretty jacked!

Leupold GX Golf Rangefinders

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Ben Crane says:
Seems to me it equates to hunting deer with an automatic rifle
Kickntrue says:
Maybe if you're Tiger Woods. Thing is- when you're deer hunting you actually use the scope to aim and then just pull the trigger and try not to breath while doing it. In golf- I can know it's 134.3 yards and it doesn't really mean jack for me putting the ball there- just gives me a target.
funtime63129 says:
I have had mine for about 2 months. My scores are lower simply because I not only know how far the pin is but the distance to carry bunkers and other such trouble... The one touch scan mode is awesome!!!
falcon50driver says:
I agree with FUNTIME When I got my sky caddie, I really started paying attention to distances and discovering that I really don't hit it as far as I thought I was. Since then I got a laser too. You can use it to find out how far that bank is on the other side of the pond. I'm still just a mediocre golfer but just a little better with the information. I never broke 80 till I got the laser.
SingleDigits says:
Merlin: do you carry the laser and skycaddie together. Have you ever compared their accuracy?
falcon50driver says:
Yes, I use the skycaddie all the time, but the laser will give you a better idea of the distances to obstacles or features that you need to carry that aren't listed on the skycaddie menu. With the skycaddie you can move the crosshairs to a guesstimate of the pin location on the green, it usually is very close to the laser measurement.
TimmyBede says:
I found a Leupold RX-II hunting rangefinder on eBay last year for a great price that I only use specifically for golf. It's got a bunch a settings that I never use but I find it takes a lot of the guess work out of my golf game. The specs say it's accurate up to 750 yards, but I find it works best picking us a flagstick at 230 yards or less. My 3 wood doesn't go much farther then that so that's all I need.
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