Vijay Wins Tiger-Hosted Event
By Kickntrue on 12/22/08
Vijay Singh won the Chevron World Challenge yesterday, an event hosted by Tiger Woods. With Tiger on-hand Vijay closed strong making a birdie on the last hole of the tourney to take the victory.

I'm sure Vijay's not mad at winning $1.35 Million for his weekend of work but I'm going to guess a big trophy with a Tiger isn't going to take prime real-estate in his trophy case. That thing is HUGE and constant reminder that you are still only second best.

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TheBrownCrayon says:
Seriously?!?! Could Tiger be any less subtle about that? The trophy is of a tiger resting its paw on...THE FREAKING EARTH. Seriously, the tiger looks like it's about to start flinging earth around like it's a ball of string. Tell me that isn't a huge slap in the face to every golfer in the world. What a cocky douc--I mean, talented man.
GolfSmith7 says:
In Tigers book he speaks about getting into his competitors head. This has to be part of that b/c who ever wins has to lift up the tiger over their own heads. Talk about playing mind games. lol Go Tiger. The article even goes on to say that Vijay asked tiger, jokingly to take another year off.
falcon50driver says:
Next year's trophy will be a bust of Tiger himself, shooting the finger at the globe, Just in case somebody didn't get the message this year.
William Charles Ni says:
Didn't Tiger want to be a basketball player at one point? "The world is my basketball -- nothin' but net!"
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