Anna Rawson Interview
By Kickntrue on 12/29/08
Anna Rawson has been good to oobgolf (First Interview, Second Interview). We had the chance to speak with her again last week and talk about what it feels like to make the LPGA Tour. Last year Rawson had conditional status on the PGA Tour which made for a tough year of scheduling and unknowns. With her 18th place finish at Q-School earlier this month we can count on seeing Anna week in and week out this year. I'd say we're the lucky ones!

oob: First of all congratulations on Q-School and earning a Tour card. How much different is this year than last year?
Rawson: It's a huge difference. The funny thing was, last year I finished in the top 20 at Q-School too, and didn't get my card. It's just luck that they changed [the qualification requirements] and made it a little bit easier. Last year I finished 18 and missed by 1. So yeah, it's totally different, I'll get into everything, I can set my schedule, I can play when I want. It makes the beginning of the year easier because I have a much better chance of qualifying for the majors. It's really exciting. I can plan press and modeling, and everything. Last year it was so hard to do anything else other than golf because I never knew when I'd have an off week.

oob: When you don't have an LPGA card- How much notice do you have for an event?
Rawson: Usually they release the openings on Monday. There are 4 spots, 2 top 10's the week before and 2 for Hall of Famers. I didn't find any of this out until about half way through the year, it would've been good if they had told me that earlier. The bad thing is they don't shut the entries until the Tuesday before the tourney starts so most people withdraw Monday night or Tuesday morning. You don't know until Tuesday night what you're doing and if you'll be able to play or not. It can be frustrating. This year, I was in Norway and I got a call to play but the event was in Portland, so I guess I missed that.

oob: What is more pressure-packed: Q-School or LPGA Major?
Rawson: Oh, definitely Q-School. It's your entire year. A major- you have four per year and it's nice to win, but it's all about money. Q-School is about your entire year. If you miss that putt you're on a different tour. You didn't even have an opportunity to get paid so it's really nerve racking. It's about the same as being in contention to win but for 5 rounds. That's what it felt like to me.

It's different golf though. I played very conservatively. I just tried to hit fairways and greens. I wasn't attacking pins and really going for it. I know if I hit the middle of the green I'll roll some putts in. I can go at the pins with my wedges. I played really conservatively and the funny thing is it really works. I don't know if I'm going to end up doing that into next year (laughs).

oob: Are the Q-School courses set up easier?
Rawson: No, not at all. They are the some of the longest courses we'd play all year on Tour. We were lucky. The reason the scores were so low this year compared to other years is that there was no wind. There is not a lot of trouble around them so it's hard to have high numbers. You could score pretty well even if you missed the fairway. There was some rough around the greens but around the fairways there was none so that made it a little easier.

"I didn't miss a cut on the European Tour in 8 events."
oob: What is the toughest shot for you to make?
Rawson: (thinks for 10 seconds at least) A downhill lie flop shot to a tight pin. I don't mind long bunker shots. Maybe a 40 yard bunker shot. I don't know?

oob: Are there any holes in your bag?
Rawson: Nope. I can hit every yardage. I try to lay up to 72 yards which I did really well recently in Dubai. But like my caddy says, you have to be able to hit every shot. I'm probably struggling a little bit with 80 yards, but most of the time I hit it really close.

oob: So we can assume that from 72 yards is your favorite shot?
Rawson: Yes. It was really good for me last week. I hit (You can actually hear Anna knock on wood through the phone here) 3 within a foot of the pin at Q-School. I really like my wedge game. I worked on it really hard before Q-school. In Dubai I don't know how I didn't hole one- actually, I did a 9 iron on the 2nd hole for eagle. I feel like 8 iron and down I can aim at the pin and it's going to go there.

oob: Sum up 2008 for me?
Rawson: The end of the year was great. I had more top 10 finishes than I've ever had in a year. It was weird. I didn't have a top 5 all year but I had a couple 7's a 6 and 10. A lot of 15th's. I didn't miss a cut on the European Tour in 8 events. I really feel like my game has gotten more consistent. That's exciting. There are no more high numbers.

oob: Where are we going to see you first in 2009?
Rawson: The first event of the year is the ANZ Ladies Masters in Australia, on the European Tour. Then I'll go straight to Hawaii for the first LPGA event.

oob: Would it mean more to win in Australia than anywhere else because that's where you're from?
Rawson: I don't care. If it was my home town Adelaide or I was playing on my home course that would be mean a lot, but other than that it doesn't matter. Where we are playing in Australia is nowhere near where I lived. It would be cool because my parents and my godparents would be there, but I'll take any win.

oob: Switching gears... Do you dress yourself or do you sponsors pick out your gear? Sometimes you look put together and sometimes your outfits looks, well crazy.
Rawson: No- it's all me. The problem is my clothing was so limited this year. I found it so hard when I was gone for 3 weeks and I'd find out I made another event then I have only what I have. So maybe all I'd have is winter clothes because I'm in Europe and now I have an event somewhere else and I don't have clothes. A lot of times I'd have a very limited choice on what to wear because I couldn't set my own schedule. I'd be playing long sleeves when it's 100 degrees outside. It was just difficult to get clothes shipped and know where I was going to be.

oob: You seem to be a hat person. Is that a fair assessment?
Rawson: Yes! I like different hats. I hate caps. They are okay when you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans and going to the airport or something like that but not on the golf course. I think it looks really masculine. I don't think that's the image that should be portrayed for womens' golf, but it's really hard to find something that is feminine, so I got a bit creative with that this year.

oob: So earlier this year you did a campaign where you gave out your phone number. How many people called and how many people did you actually call back?
Rawson: I got a ton of calls and I'm still calling people back. I have to get better at setting aside time to make calls. Unfortunately I've spent 5 of the last 10 weeks overseas so it makes it hard to make calls. I do check them everyday though online. It's really fun. The messages that people leave I really enjoy.

oob: Do you have a favorite? I imagine a lot of calls are people asking you out on dates?
Rawson: Yes. It's just really funny to hear how nervous people get. You hear them and wonder how many times they rehearsed that before calling. Some people come off natural and great but it's really funny to listen to the voices of the callers and hear how they come off. It's all very positive and sweet. I do have to get better at calling more people back and chatting with them. It's such a great way to interact with the fans and get some feedback as well.

[Ed. Note- The number is still active and Anna listens to her messages daily. You can call her at 213-785-7675.]

oob: Have you seen any good movies recently?
Rawson: Bond. I thought it was great. I love Bond. I saw Role Models recently, definitely a DVD rental. I'm dying to see Australia, of course, but I haven't had a chance yet.

oob: I know you're a reader. Any good books?
Rawson: I'm currently reading Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. It's the most intense book ever so it will probably take me about 6 months to finish.

oob: What show do you always Tivo?
Rawson: Entourage. I know it's been a bad season but I still love it. It's like watching my surroundings in LA. It's so right on par with how it is. I have a lot of friends in the movie business and it's exactly the same stories and plot lines. It couldn't be more accurate.

oob: Anything new on the dating scene?
Rawson: No! It's been terrible. I've been out of the country too much. It's impossible. The only thing I've had to do is golf. I barely have time to get together with my friends, let alone a date.

oob: I think you'd be perfect for Tony Romo, but he has a girlfriend.
Rawson: Hmm. Tony Romo. He is a huge golfer. Is he intelligent though? I doubt it. He's a football player, a quarterback. They're dumb, right?! I've only met the USC quarterbacks, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, they're both dumb. I like smart guys. I don't see myself ever dating an athlete.

oob: Okay- now we're going to have a fight! Last time we talked I told you I was a huge PSU fan.
Rawson: Oh my God, You're gonna die! Oh- that reminds me- I have to call today to get tickets to the game.

oob: Well here is your chance. I need your scouting report on the game. Do you know anything about Penn State?
Rawson: I know Paterno is 81 and 392 wins and he's been there 42 years or something.

"I've only met the USC quarterbacks, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, they're both dumb."
oob: (I'm impressed)
Rawson: I was thinking, "How can you be somewhere that long and not get fired?" He must be pretty good.

oob: That has to worry you then a little bit, right?
Rawson: No! No! There is no way USC could ever lose the Rose Bowl. It's our home. We've been there the last 4 years. They don't stand a chance. It's really unfortunate. I really wanted to see USC versus Alabama.

oob: Don't stand a chance? You're really kind of offending me.
Rawson: The odds are just really bad for Penn State. I think it will be an okay game.

oob: You realize PSU has only lost 1 game too? And it was a much closer loss than USC's loss?
Rawson: Yes, but we lost early in the season and it was a Thursday night game at Oregon State. Thursday night games are really hard.

oob: But Penn State played Oregon State and beat them by over 35 points.
Rawson: Yah, but I feel like if it wasn't a Thursday night game there is no way we would've lost. That was just a really unusual situation and now USC has been playing so solid. As long as Sanchez can find his form I think we'll be okay. And we have the best defense in the country so I don't see Penn State even being able to score so it's just a matter of how our offense plays.

oob: So what is your prediction?
Rawson: I'm predicting a USC blowout!

oob: Wanna bet?!
Rawson: Sure. What do you want to bet?

oob: How about this? oobgolf will rebrand the site- "Anna Rawson Week" if USC wins. And if, I mean WHEN Penn State wins, you have to write oobgolf an article and show allegiance to Penn State.
Rawson: Okay. That's fair.

oob: Done.

(Coldly I hang up on her.)

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buffalogolfer says:
Sorry to be a naysayer, but Penn State has no chance.
Robtihanyi says:
She was born in "Adaline"?? Where the heck is that? I know the Aussie twang is quite nasal but surely "Adelaide" (capital of the state of South Australia) still sounds quite different ;)

Nice article otherwise. Good to her from one of the Aussie girls tipped to become one of the next stars from our shores. Its about time someone filled Karrie's shoes! Good luck to you girl.
Kickntrue says:
Capital of South Australia officially "fixed." Thanks for the heads-up.
Matt F says:
Aussie Aussie Aussie. Good to see more girls from back home making good.

NWGaEagle says:
So when does Anna Rawson Week start? :P
klangdon says:
not until the oobgolf team comes out of denial...
falcon50driver says:
She needs to fire her hat designer....
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