Obama Golf In Hawaii
By Kickntrue on 12/22/08
President Bush says he's given up golf. President-elect Barack Obama has not.

By most reports Obama's golf is simply for relaxation and pleasure, without too much focus on the score or how he plays. Can someone introduce this man to oobgolf? I'd have an easier time trusting a man who tracks his rounds live for us to follow.

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saintsman says:
hey obamas a lefty cool
Josh says:
How come when Bush takes a vacation after Katrina the media goes nuts and calls him insensitive and a jerk for spending money on that but when Obama takes a lavish vacation in the midst of the worst financial crisis of our generation he "deserves it". What is it, does all that effort spent on not being president yet has him worn out?
TheBrownCrayon says:
Because unlike Bush at the time of the largest natural disaster on American soil (last 20 years? 30?), Obama doesn't hold the office yet. A pre-term vacation maybe? I mean, he couldn't possibly beat out Bush's record for taken vacation days.
falcon50driver says:
Just looking for change, and maybe his birth certificate, it's supposed to be somewhere there in Hawaii, if only they could find it.
ToddRobb says:
Josh, you can't be serious... can you?? It's hard to even comprehend trying to compare the two situations, but I guess that's what makes this great country of ours what it is.

Let's just say you have a good job, you decide that you are going to put in two solid years of trying to get a new job, because the one you have now was a stepping stone anyway. For the next two years you work 15 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to get the new job. After the two years you find out that you do get the new job, which by the way, is the most important single job in the world. The job doesn't start for two months. You don't think that its natural to take at least a week to do WTF you want do??
KVSmith59 says:
LOL...why in the world would anyone care what he ordered for lunch???? Reporters are freaking weird...

"Obama, a left-handed golfer, sported black shades and wore a white polo shirt, brown cargo shorts, short white socks and golf shoes. About midway through the course, Obama stopped by the snack bar, where he purchased two hot dogs, two passion-orange sodas, one Powerade and one Coke. He also bought two Spam musubi, a sushi-like Hawaiian delicacy consisting of Spam and fried egg on a slab of rice, all held together with a dried seaweed wrap. (He paid a total of $17.75, but it was unclear whether the president-elect ate a Spam musubi.)"
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