Lana used to be a man.
Former Man Wins Women's Long Drive Event
By Kickntrue on 12/23/08
Lana Lawless won the RE/MAX World Long Drive WomenGÇÖs Championship. Lana used to be a man.
Although golf is a sport largely without controversy, the reign of long-drive queen Lana Lawless, who lives in Palm Springs, Calif., is expected to be neither tranquil nor uneventful.

For starters, there is her startling honesty. "This is who I am. This is my life," she said firmly. "That other person, that 245-pound SWAT cop I used to be, he's gone. He's not coming back."

Lawless mostly was a curiosity until the night of Oct. 22, when she upset the competitor widely acclaimed as the longest hitter in women's golf GÇö 21-year-old Phillis Meti of Auckland, New Zealand.
Where to go with this.... Where to go with this... (inner turmoil) ...

I think I can just leave this alone. Have at it people!

Fox Sports- Full Story

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Ben Crane says:
That picture is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Thanks Andrew.
falcon50driver says:
Someone on this website was looking foe a female golfer to hook up with a few months back, welllll there you go....
Kickntrue says:
Ha- where DID he go anyway?
jimithen says:
One word... CREEPY
falcon50driver says:
I was wondering what had happened to the deputy of Mayberry.
Timmers15 says:
Thats just plain creepy...
prayerdog says:
Ok Ok....they need to adhere to the rules of womens golf ass here in great state of clearly states one of the *QUALS* here is...MUST BE BORN A FEMALE!!!!!!!...**I had always thought** " Whoever thought to add that one must have had ... A) A great sense of humor..or B) an experience, we in fact ....*know*... ;D
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