Six year-old Brett Sodetz
6 Year Old Golfer- Good Or Bad?
By Kickntrue on 12/30/08
The New York Times has an article about a 6 year old golfer whose seems to be quite a talent. Brett Sodetz has over 80 golf trophies including a World Championship which he won this past year in Pinehurst.

The article does a good job debating the pros and cons of having a kid competing at such a young age. I actually saw a good example of this debate at the driving range yesterday. On both sides of me were two kids who seemed about 10 with their fathers. The one to my right was much better at golf. He had a great swing and hit a lot of shots better than I could dream to. The whole time his dad was telling him everything he was doing wrong- how he stunk and was just wasting his time being here.

The one to my left was just whacking the crap out of the ball while laughing the whole time. His dad would trade balls with him and laugh just as hard when he sliced the ball down the fairway. I left there wondering who I'd rather be. To me it was an easy choice.

Of course- I realize you can't be a high level golfer without some sacrifice, criticism and training. I'm just wondering where that starts and who's actually deciding.

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kidputter says:
If the whole story is true, the kid has it made. I wonder how much TRUE pressure is being put on him, though. Things are beautiful in the public eye. Hopefully it's that way in private.
klangdon says:
I was curious to see what he shot. Looks like to win the World Championship he shot 32-33-34 on a 1300 yard 9 hole course.
William Charles Ni says:
I hope that this is enjoyable for young Brett and that his parents know when to back off. I had a friend that I played hockey with growing up and he was always on the rep team first line and his dad was always the coach. He was pushed and pushed and I think he gave up hockey even though he had a great gift for it. I don't think he ever really got to play for fun.

Good luck Brett (if you ever read this)!
Eddy Whitaker says:
looks like he might have a nike deal in his future
Robtihanyi says:
Nice attempt at making the whole story all laughter and smiles. But I have difficulty believing that any parents who spend over $20,000 in one year on working on a 6yr olds golf game, then simply let him choose his own destiny. Being a father of four myself, I know what its like to see young kids who seem to have a talent at something and then holding yourself back from living vicariously. And I love their idea of giving him other things to involve him outside of golf - advanced maths and Spanish! The kid's 6 for goodness sake! Oh well... its their life.
Steve Wozeniak PGA says:
Sure this is awful, the kid is golfing all the time with other interests on the side. He should be playing video games and eating CRAP like other kids...... What are his parents thinking????
golfing29 says:
Sounds like a lot of jealousy to me...Give the kids some credit for crying out loud. Some kids have it and some kids don't.
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