Maxfli Truck Loses It's Balls
By Kickntrue on 12/31/08
If you're on the east coast and like to play Maxfli Noodle Ice balls, you could be in trouble. Yesterday, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, a truck carrying Noodle Ice balls flipped and spilled it's cargo. One of our users, (Robert Hedge- Thanks for the tip!) was on the scene and snapped this picture. Robert says despite the temptation he did not steal any freebies. Though it looks pretty bad- the driver was not hurt.

Can you imagine Noodle Ice balls bouncing and rolling at your car at high speed?

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falcon50driver says:
I can't believe a golfer saw this and didn't scarf up a few gross.
Avman2119 says:
That's probably cause he doesn't use those cheap balls :-)
Jose Kuhn says:
Those Noodle Ice balls are great to play with in January when it is 45. The low ladies compression allows them not to lose as much distance off the tee.
yomonk1 says:
In all honesty, Mister Policeman was a pretty big deterrent...
jumbogolf says:
jdaly says:
That's a great shot.
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