Titanium Drivers Could Damage Hearing
By Kickntrue on 1/5/09
Doctors in the UK are warning that thin-faced titanium drivers are so loud on impact that they could be bad for your hearing and advise wearing earplugs.
Ear specialists suspect the 'sonic boom' the metal club head makes when it strikes the ball damaged the hearing of a 55-year-old golfer they treated.

They outline the details of this case in the British Medical Journal.

The man had been playing with a King Cobra LD titanium club three times a week for 18 months and commented that the noise of the club hitting the ball was "like a gun going off".
I don't know if I should be sensitive to this- since I have (hopefully) 40 years of golfing still ahead of me, of if I should demand oobgolf users beat down any golfer they ever see wearing earplugs on the course. This seems ridiculous, but at the same time, I guess I can see it. Eh- I call for the beat down.

Honestly though, 95% of the people I play golf with don't hit their driver hard enough to create a sonic boom. Of course- I do so I guess I'm screwed!

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Josh says:
I've played with you and the boom you hear is the sound of your driver hitting the ground 6 inches behind the tee...
falcon50driver says:
Eric Duquene says:
So they are basing this off of one 55 year old who is experiencing hearing loss and happens to play golf... no there couldn't be any other factors involved...
falcon50driver says:
It's the same scientists who taught a frog to jump when they said "JUMP". Then they did some experiments. The last one involved removing the frog's legs. At the command "JUMP" the frog just sat motionless. Conclusion...Frog with no legs can't hear.
Kickntrue says:
Josh- if that were coming from a golfer I'd be offended, but ...
furrier says:
Once the sound of the driver hitting the ball gets louder than the creaking in my joints, I'll start worrying. But until then ...
William Charles Ni says:
Maybe this guy was secretly using the club Bill Murray introduced at Pebble Beach a number of years back -- the one with the .22 blank in it 8=)
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