Predictions For 2009
By Kickntrue on 1/5/09
Sports Illustrated's writers and an anonymous pro take a look at the 2009 PGA Tour season.

It's an amusing read. At the start they discuss if Tiger will even be decent. By the end of it- they predict a Grand Slam. It is pretty interesting to read the pro's projections and comments. Basically- Tiger is king. Also- a couple shots at Camillo.

2009 Predictions

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Tim Horan says:
I also think by the end of 2009 Tiger will be awesome. The others will have to raise their game... but they won't know how far that is until Tiger has "nicked" a few trophies. My wish is that Tiger returns to winning ways with a smile on his face instead of that sour petulance we've seen in recent years.
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