Obama's Ugly Swing
By Kickntrue on 1/5/09
I'm late on this but here is the video of President Elect Barack Obama's golf swing. I think Tiger's safe though it does seem that Obama is a bigger golfer than he's let on. He played at least 3 times over the Christmas holiday.

I just received an Instant Message from a helpful user who sent me another video discussing Obama's swing. The golf pro interviewed happens to be an oobgolf user- Christopher Stoudt. Chris and I have talked a couple times and he sounds like a great guy. Congrats to him on the press. Chris runs a golf school out of NYC- http://www.stoudtgolf.com/.

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KVSmith59 says:
Lol....you can hear a reporter saying "he sucks" in the background...yet another reason I wouldn't want to be a celebrity
Eddy Whitaker says:
good zoom lens..lol and nice audio clip with the "he sucks".haha you can here my last name after about the 3 min mark..its not me..but its cool
Jesten Tice says:
Eddy, I'm sure you started out with a perfect swing path and perfect posture, which would give you the right to laugh at the President Elect's swing. The rest of us will just bask in your Tiger-esque glory. ;)
georgelohr says:
I'm jealous he's golfing...I look outside and there's nearly 5 feet of snow! Someone needs to research and find out what gear he uses.
Team Lexus says:
kidputter says:
We need to find out what he scored. If someone were to critique my swing they may say the same things about me. But I'm shooting mid 80s. Why doesn't he have a flunky holding his Blackberry while he's playing? I leave my phone in the cart or the car.
Kickntrue says:
he should be using his blackberry to live score on oobgolf.
Eddy Whitaker says:
i never said anything about his swing..believe me..i've seen much worse..mine was actually much worse two weeks ago b/c i was injured and couldnt even swing for a few months...i was just commenting on the video itself
thirdeyepried says:
I heard that he went to see a couple of teaching pros to get help but every time he was asked to do a drill he simply responded 'present'
Tim Horan says:
Let's all see what his swing looks like after four years in the White House! What was George W's swing like when he was President elect?
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