Golf Workers Laid Off For Creating Union
By Kickntrue on 1/7/09
Workers at Trilogy Golf Club in La Quinta, California, fired 11 employees for attempting to create a union back in October. Employees are now picketing outside the club.

The club claims the layoffs were due to the economic downturn and not because of the attempted union meetings.
Larry Taylor, a managing partner with TLQ Partners, said the layoffs were because of the economy and a trend concern about water usage.

GÇ£I think things are getting a little misconstrued about what is happening,GÇ¥ Taylor said. GÇ£These workers represent natural layoffs.

GÇ£We didnGÇÖt fire them to hire new people. WeGÇÖre going to give these folks a chance to get their job back.

That probably wonGÇÖt happen until March or April, Taylor said.
As to not alienate myself from half the world, I'll keep my opinion on unions to myself, but I thought this was interesting.

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kidputter says:
Unions have their place in the working world.
I spent several years dealing with them on the East Coast. Since being in AZ, (a right-to-work state) I have seen a complete reversal in workmanship, reliability and overall job performance in the construction industry.
Want to complain about something? Complain about WHY the landscapers want to form a union. The guys working on my local courses are paid under $10 per hr with no overtime. They work hard in all sorts of weather with no management regard for them. They are treated not much better than slaves. Kinda like the homeless people you see alongside the road. They are looked at with distain or pity. I do the same type of work, but in the private sector, and I am given more respect for a few reasons. I own my business. I am a little older and more well-spoken than a lot of others. I'm a white guy. I know the last one sounds racist but in today's society it's an ugly fact. Send complaints to the rich white guys who perpetuate this line of thinking.
Josh says:
We definitely need unions for greenskeepers and everyone else in golf! I mean look at how beneficial the UAW has been for the auto industry!
mrtimb says:
yep, kidave. Speaking as a golf course employee on the East Coast, the wages stink. I'm lucky enough to work at one of the higher paying, if not highest paying, golf course in the area, and the wages are less than satisfactory. We're expected to maintain a multimillion dollar establishment to pristine conditions, know how to operate a multitude of equipment (and to those who think it is easy,come on down, I'll throw you on a piece of equipment with minimal training and see how long it is before you're handed your pink slip), be able to spot and identify any number of numerous problems ranging from disease to irrigation leaks to just something that needs to be taken care of, and do all this and more for substandard wages.
mrtimb says:
Lucky for me, like I said, the course I work at pays better than most in the area, I get medical, and respectable vacation/sick days. Add to that my woman makes a helluva lot more than me, and I do okay. But for those without that second income, I feel for them. If it wasn't for free golf and the fact I love being outside, I'm sure I would have moved on long ago.
blackhawk says:
I am a union carpenter. I work union because it is the only way to have medical benefits because of the temporary nature of my employment. I can relate to mrtimb and everyone else who work on these courses so we can enjoy our hobby.
kidputter says:
Union carpenters get a multitude of training classes. That's why the quality of work is better. If they would implement PROPER training for the landscape techs, and a benefit/retirement program, then the union would be beneficial. It has to be run by people willing to do what is right for the members without trying to take advantage of the employers. I believe that is where the problems lie. Employers want control and the employees want it easier for them. They all want the same thing, I think. Put out a successful product and make as much money as possible with the least headache and effort. Hopefully some type of compromise can be made.
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