The Wikipedia Game- Golf Style
By Kickntrue on 1/7/09
I've been reading the history of and thought of a fun game to play together.

The Wikipedia Game is simple. You start from Wikipedia's home page- and then using no typing, only clicks, you have to find a topic. The winner is the person who uses as few clicks as possible. Oh- one last rule- you cannot use the A-Z category listing.

Here is an example: Find- Pitching Wedge

Wikipedia > English Wikipedia > All Portals > Golf > Golf (actual page) > Equipment > Irons > Wedges > Pitching Wedge

8 total clicks. Get it?

Okay- the oobgolf challenge I'm extending to you...

The fewest clicks to find: Divot Tool
New word: Fred Couples

Leave your path in the comments. Remember you must start from

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Tim Horan says:
I made it three clicks...1)all portals, 2)golf, 3)divots (under definition of caddie)divot tool appears under pitch mark definition.
Tim Horan says:
Correction four if you count English (my computer defaulted to English)
Kickntrue says:
Ah- well done. I thought that would be a trickier one.
jakeisbill says:
I got to Freddy in 5 clicks.
1)Wiki, 2)English, 3)All Portals, 4)Golf, 5)PGA Tour Money List,{in the selected biography section} Freddy was the leader in 1992. Boo-Yah!
falcon50driver says:
I'll bet you guys are ready for the courses to reopen. eh?
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