A cool look at driver technology the last 20 years
Changes To Golf Drivers
By Kickntrue on 1/8/09
Goeff Shackelford takes a look at how drivers have changed over time along with handicaps coming down for average golfers.
Introducing Golf Digest's Hot List homage to the latest equipment, Mike Stachura writes:
The USGA is unequivocal about average golfers: Despite decades of naysayers and experts alike suggesting that the average handicap is not dropping, has not dropped and never will drop, the fact is, it has. Let's say that again: The average handicap of all golfers -- men, women and children -- has decreased consistently for the past 15 years. The average handicap today is two strokes better than it was in the early 1990s, according to research provided to Golf Digest by the USGA's Golf Handicap & Information Network (GHIN). This decrease coincides with a remarkable decade of equipment innovation that has brought us titanium drivers in every shape and size, game-changing hybrids and oversize putters.
It's not the improved athleticism?
I've said it once- and I'll say it again... if you don't have Geoff Shackelford's blog bookmarked or RSS'd you are missing out. He always has great stuff.


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youngster says:
cool it is very awesome
JWHpurist says:
I am amused by "New Technology". It is a "crutch" for players that don't want to learn proper technique and practice enough! A 4 stroke reduction in handicap can be produced with the proper use of an "Old Style Flatstick". If you can't put a ball 250 yds. in the middle of the Fairway with a good 200cc persimmon wood, you need to learn the game! I exceed that by 25 ysd. on the average! My array of "Tin Cans" only add 20 yds. but develop bad habits. JWHpurist
kidputter says:
New technology is NOT a crutch. If you feel that way, do you still live by candlelight? Proper technique and practice with "new technology" will only make you better. Why drive a '54 Jeep when you can drive an '09 Escalade? Agree, the clubs should enhance your game, not camouflage your faults. But there's no reason to dismiss what is provided for you just to maintain the PURITY of the game in your mind. Tiger uses what is available. I'm no Tiger but if he can use it to make $7 million I can use it win my local Skins' Game
yomonk1 says:
Dave, very much agreed. Technology is intended to improve the game of those without great technique and GREATLY improve the game of those who play with good technique already.
However, by his name, some old school purists love history, culture and playing the game at its most grass roots form. Not for me, but can't knock him for stiking to the roots, if thats what he loves.
That's the beauty of golf. There's something for every single one of us in the game and we can play it simulaneouly with each other to our own standards.
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