Anna Rawson Week
By klangdon on 1/11/09
After a week of mourning Penn State's poor performance in the Rose Bowl, we decided it was time to honor our bet with Anna Rawson and hand over our website. In the end, having to look at pictures of her all week is hardly a loss.

Note from Anna:
G'day it's Anna Rawson, proud alum of the ROSE BOWL CHAMPION USC TROJANS and arguably the best team in college football. First off, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and what a way to kick it off with USC dominating Penn St!! Not that I thought they EVER had a chance!! I am going to be classy and not gloat just like the USC TROJANS who stopped trying in the second half! I'm really excited about making the LPGA tour this season, and I'm confident that all the hard work I've put into my game will pay off. Would love for you to follow my progress throughout the year at I also look forward to meeting you at a future LPGA tournament near your hometown. Thanks for all of your support and FIGHT ON! (doing the V sign for my fellow Trojans).

To see the details of exactly how this happened check out oobgolf's Anna Rawson interview.

For more details on Anna and her success vist

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Snyper says:
First time in my life I have been happy about Penn State losing. Can I get the exact date that Anna will be playing in PA??
Kickntrue says:

July 9-12 in Bethlehem, PA. The US Woman's Open. They play in Maryland in June for the LPGA Championship. That may even be closer.
Chosen12b says:
I'm a UM alumni, SC is good, but I have to say UF is the best team in the nation... I can't believe i just said that! Freakn hate the Gators! But they have won 2 national titles in 3 years.... Congrats Anna Rawson on the tour!!
Trav says:
Why is this limited to Anna Rawson Week, instead of AR Month, or Year?
mada714 says:
Fight On Anna! Good luck this year!!!
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